Rapid Prototypes & Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototypes & Prototyping: Building Your Vision

How will the object in your sketch, or your computer-aided design actually look and feel? Will your new component fit into its overall assembly or properly house the object it needs to? Will the product even work?

Using the latest rapid prototyping technologies, ART can create a three-dimensional model that brings your vision to life, quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to technological advances, today’s Rapid Prototyping allows you to create highly functional, incredibly accurate models in just a matter of hours.

The ART Rapid Prototyping Process

ART uses leading-edge Stereolithography and Polyjet™ printing technologies in the early stages of our prototyping services. After a quick machine fabrication of the models, our expert finishers use traditional skills and techniques to provide any necessary detailing. Models are then ready for shipment or to be used as master patterns by our mold makers and casters in the Rapid Tooling process.

Your business deserves the precision, speed and remarkable accuracy that have been our company’s hallmarks for more than a decade. Bring your vision to life at ART, and discover the value of our proven Rapid Prototyping solutions.

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